Moments of Perfection

There is no question that we live in a broken world, a place where the word perfection is not often used to describe the state of affairs. Perfection is lost to us … lost, but still perceivable. We lost perfection with Eden, when the first garden dwellers ruined it for us all (not to be too hard on them, for we have certainly done nothing to impede sin’s triumphant march through our world!). We lost the perfection of the garden, but we did not lose the God who created us in His perfect image. Jesus came to ensure that we could still have a connection with Him and His perfection. We who believe may dwell in a sinful world, fallen and certainly not in its grandest form, but the perfect God we serve occasionally bends to kiss us with moments of absolute perfection, breaks of clarity in our muddied and fractional eyesight.

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